I started this post about a month ago when I started buying Christmas gifts. I get so excited about buying stuff for my friends and family. I go nuts every year. My biggest problem is keeping everything a secret and not ruining Christmas by giving people their gifts on December 1st. So, without further ado, here are a few of the things I bought my loved ones. I hope you guys enjoyed your gifts as much as I enjoyed picking them out!

My mom LOVED this. Of Course.

I bought Stephen the first 3 seasons. We love this show and we never get a chance to watch it. Guess what we’ll be doing in January…

For my dear friend, Gaby.

For Lari!!! 🙂

I bought a few friends these CUTE coozies. Because, don’t you hate holding a drink that’s too hot/cold?

For Stephen. Because we are Chicano and I guess we should be informed.

For my brother. Because his apartment has a bed and a refrigerator. And, that’s all.

Oh! Cute pencils for my mother-in-law (I picked her name out for the family gift exchange). I also got one for myself, of course!

For SFP. Actually, it’s for both of us since it’s going to be waking us both up every morning. 🙂  And, now that I look at it closely…NOT the same one.  OMG, I’m lying to my readers!

Another one of my MIL’s gifts. Because we both LOVE Lesportsac.

For my Lari!

For Stephen. Monogrammed, of course.

Also for Stephen.

SFP. For his camera.

So Julie can sharpen her COOL pencil.

For my BFF, Jackie (I got her for my ‘Friend’ gift exchange).
Bookmarks. For Vero.

One for each of our (7) very favorite Baristas at Our Starbucks.

To keep Ale’s fingers warm.

For my Brother In Law.

For Baby Isaiah.

For my niece. I have one too, LOL.

Instead of Brandon, it says Kailene.

Because Stephen got me this one, last year. Now, Lara’s is the only one without a cover. 🙂

Because Sandra is very, very addicted.

Merry, Merry Christmas!
See you next year.


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