Dog Whisperer my BUTT

Him. He does NOT deserve that cowl we bought him. He will be cowl-less from now on.

The Dog bit Lara again. Stephen, our resident Dog Whisperer (move over, Cesar) thinks it was my fault. YOU be the judge.

We were just minding our own business. I was feeding her chicken on the sofa. She woke up in a bad mood from her nap and I needed to make sure she had dinner before I left for work. So, I babied her on the sofa and spoon fed her chicken as if it was rice cereal mixed with breast milk (those were the days…). With NO WARNING, Tenoch jumped up and went straight for her FACE. He did this as I was moving the spoon towards Lara’s mouth. Now, skeptics might say that the dog was trying to swoop in on the chicken, NOT bite my daughter’s eye out. WRONG. He went straight for her FACE. He got her pretty good, right below her eye. It looks like a long scratch. She started bawling. I picked her up and held her as I kicked him in the snout (bad, bad, I know it. It’s the Mama Bear instinct coming out). He ran into his crate, crying. Then, I started crying. Then, Lara asked, “Mommy? You’re crying??!!”, which made her cry MORE. I composed myself and cleaned her up. I dabbed a little Neosporin on it while she said, “Mommy, I’m brave?”. Awwww….LOVE her.

First thing out of Stephen’s mouth when I tell him what happened as he walked through the door?

“It’s your fault”.

His reasoning is that I have confused him when it comes to the correct way to behave while Lara is eating. I don’t set boundaries. I let him eat her scraps off of the floor and I let her feed him. I am not firm when he sneaks his loooong Beagle tongue into Lara’s plate. The outcome? He equates her feeding time to HIS feeding time. Cue his aggressive and protective behavior when it comes to his food.

As reasonable as it sounds, there is no OKAY reason to bite my daughter. I want that dog OUT.

No, the following is not photos of her ouchie. It’s photos of us, out on the town. WITHOUT the dog.

“Daddy: You don’t know this but, in a few days, the dog is going to bit my cheek”
Giving the dog The Finger…

“Hi. My name is Lara. And, my dog is NOT my BFF”

“So, I’m going to have a scar on my cheek. At least I have good hair!”

The Parras. Before the Dog Biting Incident.


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