Fairy Godmother?

I never really understood the whole Godmother thingy.

I’m not sure if it’s the Mexican aspect or the Catholic aspect but, it just all seems kind of weird. I’m not keen on following traditions that don’t make sense so, we just nixed the whole “assign a random person to assume parental rights if Stephen & I were to spontaneously combust” ritual. Since we are not Catholic, that decision was a no-brainer. The Christian church where we congregate does not advocate baptism in it’s Catholic interpretation (drizzling water on a newborn’s head). We practice Baptism as it is described in the New Testament, a symbol of the cleansing of sins (usually practiced by Adults). Not as a sacrament or as the key to God recognizing you from Heaven. The Mexican part of it, though, probably has a deeper, more cultural root than the religious aspect. I have 2 Godmothers and, at a point in my life, they were viewed as the next best thing to a parent. Once I was old enough to rationalize, I quickly questioned the imposed title of “Godparent” and decided not to do the same to my children.

Lara, however, does have a special someone in her life who she gets to call, “Nina”. Nina is Stephen’s Godmother, who was there when he was baptized some time in the early 80s. If I remember correctly, Nina has A LOT of godchildren. She may be the Official Godmother of their family. Lara loves her and most of her cousins see her akin to a Great Grandma. I try to call her and send her cards every few months. She has no kids and I think her nieces/nephews/godchildren help to keep her young. We visited her a few days after Christmas:

How cute are those kids?

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