1:30 am (or, 0130. Whatever.)

When I wake up in the middle of the night to the sad realization that I’m STARVING, I just can’t go back to sleep. My brain tells me that if I just listen to Her (Because my brain is a girl) and go to bed, I will wake up as if my hunger bout never happened. My tummy, on the other hand, tells me that He (Of course, my tubby tummy is a boy) will not leave me alone until I feed Him. What a conundrum.

In the kitchen, I can’t figure out what the safest choice is. Even if I knew how to cook, making a 5 course meal is not an option. I would wake the whole gang up with the debilitating aroma. Being that I DO NOT like sweets (candy, chocolate, cookies, etc), I can’t go for an easy fix. What I really want is a Baked Potato with all the toppings. Maybe tomorrow, I tell Him.
I end up sitting in front of the computer with a bowl of Corn Pops and milk. As I am eating it:
Tummy: This is not good and it is NOT what I wanted. We won’t go to bed hungry but, we won’t go to bed happy, either.
Brain: I told you to go back to sleep. Why don’t you listen to me? You don’t even like Corn Pops!
And, because some things are just TOO cute, even though Christmas is SO over:

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