Yesterday, I was given the honor of helping my friend Theresa register for her baby shower (OMG. She’s due in April. Wow.). We had FUN. I was just so happy to see her and her new tummy. Considering she’s only got a few months left, her baby bump is small. I looked her size 5 months BEFORE I was pregnant. I had a LOOOONG pregnancy. 🙂 I learned a lot of things last night:

1. There is NO way I could ever commute to work. And, don’t even tell me that “I would get used to it”. You don’t “get used” to root canals or traffic accidents or stubbing your toe on the bed. Those are horrible, horrible things that we all accept as sad parts or life. That’s how I felt when I drove 1 hour, at 5pm, to get to Santa Clarita. Why would anyone CHOOSE to live so far, far away from civilization? And by civilization, I mean Pasadena. And, what’s with going 5.75 miles between exits on the 210? Scary.

2. Registering for someone else’s baby is 100% Fun with 0% Stress. Theresa- I hope you don’t mind that I TOTAALLY took over the registry. I know, I know, you kept saying that the reason you invited me was because you knew I would dominate the event. Just ask him, I LOVE taking control. Anywho, it was interesting to see how different (and how similar) things are since the last time I registered (3 years ago). And, Yes Theresa, you WILL be using that breast pump you registered for. Don’t be a sissy.

3. I love Target. I already knew that, but visiting a DIFFERENT Target made me love it even more. Santa Clarita Target sold Baby Legs (which I had to buy online because BOTH Pasadena Targets don’t carry them). I also bought Lara a long sleeve leotard (BECAUSE, she starts her FIRST Ballet class on Friday! Stand back, in 2 months you will be inundated with photos and videos of her very FIRST Dance Recital!). Yup, Target is my home away from home.

Speaking of Lara, today was filled with something I have NOT been looking forward. I went to 3 Pre-Schools in the area, looking to sign Lara up when she turns 3 in October. Looking at the kids, I think I might sign her up earlier, maybe once our Mommy & Me Kidspace class ends in March. I understand that socialization is important but, at her age most studies show that Parents are better instructors/nurturers to help her find out who she’s going to be in life. Stephen & I are really going to have to discuss what we should do. I feel lazy dropping her off at a Daycare when I don’t work Mon-Thu. I think we might just start off slow, Tue & Thu only, and see how it goes.

We went touring the centers between the hours of noon-3pm. All you Moms know what that meant, right? It was nap time at ALL of the Pre-schools we went into. LOL. That was good because we got to look around without intruding on the kids or overstimulating Lara. It was bad because the lights were off everywhere and it made the centers look kind of CREEPY. Plus, I wanted to see her interact with all the new kids.

I will probably be going back to ONE of them on Friday, taking Stephen, early in the morning where we can see all of the kids running around. : )

Now, it’s time to make dinner before Lara wakes up and it’s Church time. Hope everyone is having a HAPPY Wednesday! 🙂


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