Here goes a “Mom of the Year” tip. Have you ever heard of the Mom that has incredibly high standards set for her child to the point of opressing instead helping the child? Well, another side of the story is the mom who doesn’t expect enough. Well, I did that (on a small scale) this week with Lara:

As we’re driving down the street, the blaring of a siren is heard in the background. I look in my rear view mirror and I see a Paramedic driving towards us:

Me: Listen, Lara. What’s that?

Lara: [tilts her head…cute!] Shhhhhh, Mommy. Listen.

Me: It’s a Fire Truck.

[The Paramedic zooms past us]

Lara: [cranes her neck forward, attempting to get one last look] Nooooo. That’s not a Fire Truck. That’s a Paramedic.

Well. She told me, didn’t she?

And, finally, we saw the movie Se7en at work tonight. Still love it (although it scares me half to death). And, Brad Pitt? Wow:


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