Yesterday, we stumbled across some great deals at Pottery Barn Kids. My favorite is this lamp shade base (the green one) which was regularly $50. We nabbed it for $10. Can’t beat that! Now, I have to hunt for a cute shade.

Today, I was amazed at how ugly people get when Free things are involved. I was walking through Nordstroms after Lara & I had lunch at our cafe. We came across a LONG line leading into the cosmetics area. I asked someone in line what the deal was and she let me know they were giving away free cosmetics due to a class action lawsuit (When I got home, my SIL sent me an e-mail explaining the whole thing). Lara & I stood online for our free goods. Most of the things they were giving away were not really my taste. I’m not into perfume based bath washed and body gels- I call that overkill.

There was something that TOTALLY caught my eye. Literally. Free Lancome mascara. Sign me up! Once we got our free treat, Lara and I continued about our mall business (Buying ballet slippers at Payless). As I’m walking out of Nordstroms there were some girls hauling these bags filled with free junk. These chicks had spent all morning standing in line OVER AND OVER again. Wow. All you had to do was print & sign your name and with no one to monitor, there were bound to be people that take advantage.

But, how desperate do you have to be to stand in line for hours for some Clinique night cream? Why aren’t these chicks at work?

On a BRIGHTER note, Lara & I missed storytime to watch the Inauguration. Tears! Joy! I feel so proud and HAPPY to be an American. SO, this is what patriotism feels like. I like it.
And, Yes, I videotaped my TV. Because, I’m ghetto like that.


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