Oh My Purse.

My personal taste coincides with the width/depth of my pocketbook. I don’t flip through Vogue, imagining myself in thousand dollar clothes and accessories. I’m more likely to drool over the pages of the most recent H&M or Ikea catalog.

I’m thankful for that.

I’m sure my credit card debt would be through the roof if it were any different. Yesterday’s Pre-School post reminded me that money is NOT everything and Lara’s future and well-being are not dependant on who teaches her how to write her name. On second thought, I want to be the one who teaches her. I can’t wait to be the one who sees the sparkle in her eye when she has academically accomplished something. Just to see her play DVDs for herself (That damn Disney, with its vivid story lines and catchy theme songs!) is SO much fun. She effortlessly picks out her DVD of choice, turns the DVD player & TV on, inserts it, pushes play, changes the TV setting, and does not sit down until the DVD Menu has been bypassed. Afterwards, she looks up at me and proudly proclaims, “All by myself!”.

I think what irks me the most about Pre-School Shopping” is how different it is from REAL shopping.


This week, Stephen and I took a very random walk through Macy’s. Department stores (that are not Nordstroms) give me headaches. But, I had to go potty, BAD. On the way back, we happened to walk by the purse section. You won’t believe what I found! Tokidoki for 20% off. AND, a FREE bag & fan. Now, Tokidoki is not any old brand the goes on sale after 2 weeks of being out. They’re bags are hawt and have been holding a place in my heart for SO long. And, you know what Stephen said when I suggested I buy myself another bag:

“Wow. What a good deal. GO for it”. Dammit.

Now, why can’t I find a Tokidoki Pre-School out there, for 20% off? Why are all the Pre-Schools full price- ALL THE TIME? And, who doesn’t want to give a discount to a little lass who knows all of the Annie songs? Anybody out there?

My New Stuff. Wow:

Oh, and Lara thinks the bags are hers. Even SHE things they’re cute. You don’t need to go to a TOP DOG Pre School to know that.


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