I wanna be a real boy!!

New babies. Is there anything sweeter? A co-worker had a baby girl a few months ago (see below). She was out on medical leave with very little notice and we were not able to give her a proper baby shower. Fortunately, Kathy put something together for her. Here she goes, with Baby Eden. 🙂

A bought her a few ballerina socks and this:

Because Lara LOVED hers. She has 2. And, Lara even had to make sure that I wasn’t giving away her glowworm when she saw it in the gift bag (Yes, gift bag. I didn’t have time to wrap it! Embarrassing, I know it).
And, I promise, this will be the last you will hear about freakin’ El Capitan. I’ve officially killed it. This may be the last time that I’ll be taking Lara in awhile (based on the upcoming schedule of Jonas Brothers The Movie & Confessions of a Shopaholic. Not exactly toddler friendly). Last week, however, was another movie Wednesday. My Mom, Lara & I went to see Pinocchio:
More confetti:


“Look, Mommy, look! He is kicking his feet!”

And, wow, Pinocchio is an intense movie. It scared me into being a good girl. I hope Lara learns that if she doesn’t listen to Stephen & I, she will:
– Grow a long, wooden nose (with bird’s nests at the end).
– Get stolen by a large Italian (?) man and made to sleep in a bird cage.
– Turn into a donkey.
Talk about traumatic.

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