Lara is on Twitter. ; )

Twitter is so much more fun with my new phone. It takes updating to a whole new level. Stephen & I have come across many celebrities and music artists jumping on the bandwagon. In 15 years, the whole world will be Twitterin’ and every one will be connected.
15 years…
Lara will be 17. Better save her a spot in line, while her name is still available.
Here goes Lara Estela’s Twitter. She will not be posting anything (she has no cellphone and has yet to learn how to write/type/communicate in the written form). I’ll just maintain it for her until she’s ready. It’s going to be cool when I let her know I saved it for her and she will tell me that Twitter is for old people and that she is doing something WAY cooler. Oh well.
On Tuesday, I took Lara to the Picture People for some Valentine’s Day pics that showcased her new talent: Prima Ballerina.
Here goes:

This is a calendar (8×10). For some reason, it refused to scan. : ( Someone please give me remedial training on my scanner, please.

My personal fav.
I’m getting a little carried away with Lara’s 1st day of school. It’s not until September and I’m already planning her grand entrance into the world of education. Oh yeah, overboard. Can’t wait to take a picture of her settling into her classroom with a bunch of little kids wearing huge backpacks. She won’t be school-age for awhile. But, like I said, I tend to go overboard. I bought her a lunch box. πŸ™‚

I still have a few more Preschools to visit. Although I already signed her up somewhere, the curiosity is killing me. What if the perfect preschool is out there and I miss my chance at signing her up because of the order in which the tours were scheduled? I’m pretty much betting on hating the schools I’m going to visit next week, just so that I won’t have buyer’s remorse. We’ll see.

How many of you are enjoying the rain? I am, I am! Nothing like mother nature’s car wash to save me $15. πŸ˜‰

And, finally, here goes the beautiful serving bowl I bought as my MIL’s Valentine’s candy dish:



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