Just 25 things, like everbody else.

  1. I love potatoes. They’re my favorite food and I can eat them any which way (mashed, fries, baked, au gratin, hash browns. I’m salivating).
  2. I’m the master of standardized tests. There is something so satisfying about bubbling in a little circle with a number 2 pencil.
  3. Speaking of tests, I scored a 5 in my AP Spanish exam. No big deal. I scored a 3 in my AP English exam= one of my biggest failures. Worse than getting a D- in the class.
  4. Oh yeah, I almost didn’t graduate from high school. I pretty much ruined it all Senior Year. My counselor told me I was going to be a maid. LOL.
  5. But, I am a very good typist. Close to 75 wpm with minimal errors. And, I do not know how to type correctly– my fingers are never on the home keys. I have my own strategy.
  6. I like to eat my food room temperature. I burn my tongue on “warm” drinks. Oh, and I hate spicy food and carbonated drinks. My tongue is sensitive.
  7. I was hit by a car when I was 10, while I was riding my bike. Thankfully, didn’t break anything. It was “technically” not a hit & run because the lady asked me if I was OK and I said yes. I was a little girl! I should have lied and sued her ass.
  8. Lists. Oh, how I love thee. Lately, the lists I carry around on my BB are satisfying. But, there’s nothing better than handwriting a list on a brisk, white lined sheet of paper. Which brings me to my obsession with journals/stationary/paper/writing utensils.
  9. Paul is my favorite Beatle. What does that say about me?
  10. During my ‘difficult’ (middle school) years, I hated my smile, hair, body type, and skin. All things that I now like about myself. If I could write my 13 year old self a letter…
  11. My husband is the only man I have ever, um, you know. One of my biggest regrets is that he is not the only man I have ever kissed. Wouldn’t that have been perfect?
  12. I can’t cook. I don’t like to cook. I don’t like home cooking. I will take a restaurant meal ANY day.
  13. I don’t listen to the radio (i.e. FM) and the only reason I know about current music artists is thanks to Stephen trying to pull me out of my time warp and the Internet. I prefer to listen to the same OLD CDs over and over again.
  14. I am a compulsive liar. Not about important things. Just dumb little things that make very little difference (so I tell myself).
  15. I can’t sing, but I have sung in public multiple times. I used to sing on the church choir. In elementary school, I had a solo during the Black History Pageant. LOL, I know.
  16. Although I am incredibly fearful of needles and any form of pain, I have a high tolerance for pain. Getting my wisdom teeth out and having a C-Section (the two most pain inducing events in my life), were a 3 & 4 on the 1-10 pain scale. Maybe I should be a surrogate.
  17. The first concert I ever went to was Lilith Fair. No, I’m not a Lesbian. But, I do love me some Natalie Merchant and Sarah McLaughlin.
  18. I am known in my family as a toilet paper overuser.
  19. I used to be a docent at the Gamble House. I think that is where my love for craftsman homes comes from.
  20. I have nice toes except…my big toes are crooked and turn inward. I have nice fingers except..I am missing 1/4 of my left pointer finger. I’m a walking “almost”.
  21. I am obsessed with greeting cards. If I know your birthday and I have your address — you’re getting one.
  22. Stephen & I know the names of 3 of our unborn children (1 girl and 2 boys). They’re top secret names. : ) It’s nice to pray for our future kids by name.
  23. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 21. And, not because I wanted to. I had to learn in order to be employed by the PPD. Who needs to be a driver when you have chauffeurs?
  24. I carry too much in my purse. I bet it weighs at lease 5 lbs. It probably adds to my back pain, too.
  25. I love sleeping. A lot. And laying down, sitting down, and being sedentary. I couldn’t be more sedentary if I was a potato. Which brings us back to #1.

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