Thanks to some GREAT Twitter advice {there are so many advantages to Twitter. It’s like a ‘who wants to me a millionaire’ lifeline}, I bought this:Why would I ever doubt Kiehl’s and their impeccable track record? Everything I buy from them meets my (sometimes high) standards and performs beyond what I expect. It may be pricey, but it’s always worth it.

**BIG accomplishment in potty training today**

I was using the facilities when Lara crept in, telling me she was going to “PeePee like Mommy does”. I told her to sit on the toilet. She asked me to pull down her pants and take off her diaper. I reluctantly obliged…didn’t want to waste the clean diaper.

Well, what do you know? She sat up after a few seconds and said, “Look, Momma Bear, Look! I peepeed in the toilet!”. I didn’t hear a thing and I almost called her a liar. But, I peeked in and I saw it!

A quarter-sized drop of pee!!

Loud celebration and rejoicing could be heard throughout. Stephen rushed over with the camera and took multiple pictures. We hugged, we kissed, I gave Lara her FIRST Oreo cookie (after she washed her hands, of course).

You should have seen the gleam in her eye-she was so proud!

This was her BEFORE the big pee event.


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