Oh, Shoes.

When I got out of bed after my nap, I reached for my slippers.

Lara was quick to disagree.

“Mommy, No. Wear these ones. Please…”

OMG. As cute as these things are, they’re special shoes. They require me balancing myself and being slightly lady-like. And, I was just going to walk to the living room. No need to look that cute. But, she’s pretty persistent.

“It’s okay, Lari. I’m just going to put on my boots, K?”

I figured she may have wanted me to put on an actual shoe, instead of my slippers. On a side note, she just HATES it when I wear Stephen’s slippers.

“Take them off. Just leave them. Those are Daddy’s. You want me to get yours?”

At least she offers to look for mine!

So, she made a deal with me.

“Momma Bear, wear these. These are better”

These seemed reasonable. I finally agreed. She brought them over and slipped them on.
Two things
1. She is going to have fantastic taste in shoes.
2. She is tired of seeing her Momma Bear in frumpy shoes. She wants me to spice it up. Great idea. : )

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