…life goes on…

I refuse to neglect my blog!
It’s a guilty pleasure (my only one, I think) and an outlet.

It’s just that this weekend was exhausting. I have been coming to work with only enough energy to be a worker bee. That’s a pretty lame excuse, I know it.

Other things I have to do:

-Read for School. The Iliad and Ecclesiastes. Interesting combo, huh?

-Amuse and stimulate my lil’ 2 year old. As fun as it is, it’s exhausting. All those stay-at-home moms must be pooped all the time.

-Buy more and more things (like, the Kindle 2. More on that later…).

-Training someone to do what I do at work. Takes a lot out of me.

Here are some photos that were trapped inside of the camera. Sad! I finally released them onto the computer. Enjoy!

This is the RedCat. It’s the back end of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. We were there for an “interesting” play.

And…walking back to the car after the “show”.

Do you remember when everything was this fun? Something as simple as a ride on a wooden horse would satisfy you to no end. I dare you to live life as simply as a child does. Peaceful.

Lara & Stephen have their routine while I am asleep in the middle of beautiful Saturday. They’re usually at Wahoo’s or Starbucks or CBTL. And, they come home with 100s of pictures that look like this. Documenting her life is one of the reasons this blog means so much to me.

Ramona. I can only assume she’s looking at the Bougainvillea. Well, take a nice long look, Mona. We’re tearing that plant out this week.

Mommy & Me turned into Mommy, Daddy & Me a few weeks ago. Everything is better when we’re all together.



You see that? On top of the mountains? They’re radio towers. To me and you, at least. To Lara? They’re castles. And, every time we’re leaving home:
“Mama Bear, Mama Bear, look! It’s a castle! That’s not Cinderella’s castle. I can’t go in there. Can we go to Disneyland? That’s not my castle”.

Her big potty moment.

So proud of herself. 🙂

On a side, side note: Is this not the cutest little boy you have ever seen? Adorable! Liz: Please keep having more babies. Thanks!

Her Valentine’s gift (a bumblebee purse). Stephen picked it out. Because she is our Valentine.

Have a blessed week!


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