It’s time to broaden Lara’s musical horizons.

Diana (of this blog that I LOOOVE) made a comment about Lara’s exposure to cool music. I thought about that and decided that I needed her to learn about the music that has inspired me. Not that Adele isn’t cool. But, that isn’t the music of my life (so far). Here are a few CDs I’ll be loading into the car (that’s old school, huh? I guess I can put them on the Ipod, too) so that she can start singing along to some classics. I’m so excited for her. She’s going to love them!

“You were always on my mind…”

“Under my thumb…”

How long before Lara can see, Walk the Line?

When Lara was a newborn, Stephen and I decided that we needed to pick a song for her. A song that we would sing her to sleep with. James Taylor’s “You Can Close Your Eyes” is that song. The three of us sing it almost every night. 🙂

I love Stevie Nicks. Sigh.

Layla! Almost named Lara that, you know. 🙂

“BBBBBBBEnny and the Jets”

I really didn’t like them until this CD. It’s probably because Stephen liked them first. I don’t know why I do that.

“Girl…you’ll be a woman soon…”

Anytime a Coldplay song plays:
“Mommy! That’s Daddy’s song!”

What is the right age to show my daughter, “Saturday Night Fever”? Help.

My favorite. Sigh.


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