Nani’s Birthday Party

One week ago was Nani’s birthday. Happy 29th Birthday (hehehe)! Thank you for being such a wonderful grandma to Lari. But, most importantly, thank you for doing such a great job raising Stephen. I am reaping all of the benefits. 😉
We went to Nina’s house (Nani and Nina are two different people) to celebrate:

Stephen dresses her. A-do-ra-ble.

Elias & Ariana- I love it when kids act silly. 🙂

Picking up the birdie.

Julia Bear.

Me. And, Cake.

“Happy Birthday to Nani…”

The Parras

Tata & Nana

On a completely unrelated note, I was introduced to an incredibly addicting online game today. Click here, and tell me you’re not hooked. : )


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