Big, Loud, Sigh

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. First and foremost, I blog for myself. It is a creative outlet and I find it therapeutic. Second in line is my family. I blog so that my daughter knows how wonderful life is with her around. I blog so that Stephen and I can look back on the things we have done. Instead of keeping an album or a journal, I blog. Lastly, I blog for the community aspect of it. I follow blogs that make a daily positive impact in my life. I get to catch up on the lives of friends that I don’t talk to daily. I get to know more about my co-workers and, in turn, I share myself with others.

I DO NOT blog so that insulting, negative things like this are left in the comment threads of my local newspaper. Comments that are attached to articles explaining the budget cuts our city (my employer) is being forced to make due to the state of the economy:

How can they think of raising garbage fees right now? We just got the sales tax raised and then again in July it’s going to be raised!!! Why doesn’t the mayor and ALL the city council take a BIG FAT pay cut-they ‘LOVE’ serve the city and its residents,right?! Don’t get me wrong I don’t think the operators(911) deserve an 8 PERCENT INCREASE especially when they’re doing other stuff while working(BLOG,TWITTER,NAPS,ETC. )!!!!!!


Forget about the pay raises especially when 911 operators ‘BLOG’ during work and take ONE hour naps!!!Put that money into PUSD and NOT to hire consultants!

Unfortunately, due to this ONE person’s negative perception of my profession (which, ultimately, effects anyone, anywhere that does my job), I will be making my blog private.

And, Yes. I will continue to take one hour naps during my lunch time. And, I will continue to blog during downtime. I will not apologize for being qualified enough to have a job that allows me these luxuries.

I am SO blessed and don’t take that for granted.


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