Keeping the USPS in business.

My newest online obsession:

Did anyone out there have a pen pal while they were growing up? I had a few. Some were family members and others were classmates that moved away to different schools. My favorite pen-pal, however, was a stranger. My 4th grade class had an international penpal program with a school in Korea. Of course, their fourth graders knew how to write in English. Our class DID NOT know how to write in Korean (obviously). I managed to write to my pen pal friend for about 2-3 years. I don’t remember why we stopped, I probably got lazy and middle school took over my rationale. Anyway, I love writing letters and sending out cards. I have been slacking off this year because sometimes it’s a little depressing when I send out cards to all of my loved ones and I don’t get any Thank Yous. I’ve come to realize that just because I like to send things out does not mean that people enjoy the receiving end.

That’s where swap-bot comes in! You get to swap all kinds of fun things (stickers, postcards, letters, snacks, tea…to name a few) with randomly selected people around the world. As always, I went into this new thing full force and signed up for 5 swaps.

The first one was a swap of photos of my pets. I loved sharing this with them:

The second is sending (and receiving. Yay.) 2 sheets of stickers. This is the favorite one that I just received today:

The third is a postcard swap, where I got to send one to a girl in England.

Thanks to Diana, who pointed me to this great website. Geez…it seems like she introduces me to everything cool on the internet!

And, for good measure, here goes a pic of my little bear, taken today:


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