Happy Easter (3 weeks late)

So, I’m not longer private. Sigh. It was just so different to write for the 20 or so of you that asked I share my blog with you (THANKS for the support!). I got blogger’s block (again!). There is a freedom that comes with writing to an open, endless audience. It suits me better. So, I will take Internet attacks in stride from this point on. 🙂

Easter came and went so quickly. Here is a glimpse.

Dresses. She loves them. “I want to wear the Easter dress. I’m not a princess if I’m not wearing my dress! I don’t like pants!”

After church:

With her Nana and Tata:

Figuring out the scooter:



She looks like a doll:

Stephen made this! Cute, huh? I wish I could tell you it was delicious, but I can’t. I didn’t taste it. 😉 I’m not a fan of cheesecakes because the word cheesecake is totally an oxymoron.

Awww…her Kentucky Derby hat!

Getting some love from Tia Sandy:

Tia Sandy’s got lots of love to give:

Stephen and I love Lara’s hair. And, we love debating what side of the gene pool her hair stems from. I think these two pictures are pretty obvious. It is me that Stephen should thank daily for Lara’s Luscious Locks.

Tia Susie and Julia:

Yay! Stephen won a game for us because he is the Champion. Family Hug! P.S. Lara loves to squeeze our head together. 🙂

Taking apart her Easter Egg Basket because Easter Eggs are dumb.


Susie getting confetti in her hair!

Hopefully, I can get caught up this week and post about our week long celebration of Stephen’s 29th Birthday. Stephen always has the best birthdays! I’m not jealous. Okay, just a little. ; 0

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