Keeping Busy…

And…we’re back! Keeping ourselves busy. 🙂

Wow, guys, hasn’t it been hot lately? Being that Seattle has perfect weather (Don’t laugh. I LOVED the misty days), I’m not adjusting too well to this heat. It doesn’t help that my car air conditioner is BO. It blows hot air- that’s it. Doesn’t help cool us down. I already got a reasonable estimate. The only problem is, I can’t bare to be carless for however long it’s going to take to fix it. I hate to be dependent on something like that. But, I am. Must pretend I’m on vacation and force myself to rely on public transportation.

School is almost over. Yay! I won’t be going to Summer school because I’m lazy. But, Lara will! She’s doing the Summer school thing for 4 weeks this Summer. It will be her first time in school! It is Mon-Fri, 0900-1200, and I am both excited and nervous about all the changes that are going to come with her being away from home during the week. Stay tuned for constant updates.

I found something out about myself this weekend. It’s never too late for self-discovery! Stephen and I were having one of our super, duper deep conversations when I realized that I don’t do anything that I don’t want. Let me explain. I don’t do anything that I don’t like and everything that I do brings me so much joy. Examples: I love going to work. I love raising my daughter. I love being a wife. I eat what I want. I go where I want. I buy what I want. I love going to school. That realization made me re-evaluate a lot of decisions that I have made lately. Is it healthy to NEVER be out of your comfort zone? Should I torture myself to do things I dislike if the reward is fruitful? Is that kind of decision making and lifestyle considered egocentric?

Maybe I’m over analyzing this. Or, maybe I need to stop being so complacent. Any thoughts?

It’s ballet season again. It may be her last session, though. I wanted her to start gymnastics this Summer. I hope she enjoys that as much as she enjoys her dance class.

Her Descanso Gardens Toddler Treks class is almost over. We enjoyed this class SO much. Due to her Summer Camp hours, we won’t be going on to the next session.

We will miss Mr Patches:

And her new BFF:

Teaching her to find beauty in nature.

How cool is this tree?

Don’t fall in there! Mommy doesn’t know how to swim!

My Bunny.

And, a recap of Seattle is in the works.

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