Silverton, Oregon

Comments about Oregon:

  • So much green. Everywhere! I really couldn’t believe there were so many trees. Made my town seem barren.
  • Oregon drivers are so mellow. No one was speeding. Or tailgating. It was confusing.
  • Only in Oregon: We were hungry and were looking for the nearest McDonalds. Thankfully, we saw a sign advising that the Golden Arches were off of the next exit. It was a 25 minute drive from the exit to a cheeseburger!

After a 4 hour drive from SeaTac Airport to Silverton, we arrived at Lara’s Rehearsal Dinner. Lara quickly found herself some friends and made a mud stew.

Lara’s In-laws’ house was beautiful Lara was really enjoying the backyard.

She was also enjoying how generous Vero was with her $$! Thank you to all my dear friends for spoiling my little Bear and making her feel so loved. Evelyn: When can you babysit?

Hard earned cash. It pays to be cute!

The next morning, we took the opportunity to explore the beautiful falls that were a short drive away. This is Stephen showing off how easily he can climb. That same trek took me twice as long!

The Parras under a mossy tree.

Trying to keep up with the sportier girls.

This smile says: “Guys, I am scared to death of being placed on this log that is teetering over a rushing rapid. I will still smile, though. Because the camera is pointing at me”

Veronica! Really? Taking a picture just inches from choppy waters? I totally trusted you with my first born. 🙂
She really enjoyed our nature hike. 🙂

Downtown Silverton. This particular restaurant sucked. But, the antique store next door was wonderful. I love knick knacks! I reigned myself in and only bought an old edition of a Madeline book.

Yeah. She didn’t like the restaurant, either.

I totally used the facilities in there. Cute, huh?

For more pics, be sure to check out my Facebook. : ) Tomorrow, I will be posting on the main event: Lara & Todd’s Wedding!

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