You win some and you lose some…

I don’t like live music. I’m a little embarrassed to admit with fear of “real” music lovers coming to my house and putting glue in my locks and sugar in my gas tank. I just don’t know how to appreciate a live music CD or a concert. Especially, a concert.

What do I do? Stand up? Sit down? Clap? Cheer?

I’m not usually an awkward person (I don’t see myself as awkward. You guys may see something else. Hehehe.), but concerts just do that to me.

There’s one exception:

Christian Live Music

I know where the artists are coming from and I totally know how to respond. And, that’s why I was SO excited to see a giveaway for tickets to see Third Day in at the Nokia Theatre downtown. I loooove their music. Love. We have seen them a few times in concert and are HUGE fans. There were only a few entries (see the giveaway here) and I even made Stephen submit one. We are usually very lucky when it comes to giveaways. We have won vacations, $$$, mattress sets and a bunch of other little things. When the entries were closed, I was so surprised that neither one of us was selected. Especially since there weren’t that many people interested. It probably sounds very naive that we were so sure that we were winners.
Cut to Monday after said concert. Stephen logged onto his e-mail on his computer at work and noticed an e-mail in his bulk mail folder. The e-mail was to let him know that he won! Apparently, his DUMB Iphone failed to let him know he had something in his Bulk Mail. Sigh!!!! We moped around about it for a bit.
I felt A LOT better a few days later when I won something from this adorable Etsy shop.

Thank you so much to The Studious Crafter for being so generous. I looooove my tea set. 😉
How much cuter would the tea set have been if would have worn it during the Third Day concert? : /

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