After our Manhattan Beach Daycation (I hate that word! LOL), we stopped by Color Me Mine. It was in the same shopping center where we parked the car. Stephen and I went a long time ago and enjoyed it. The question was, however, is Lara old enough to sit with us for 2 hours while we make masterpieces. Yes and No.
She did great up until she finished her “amazing art”. Once she was satisfied with the outcome, she was ready to go. Mommy and Daddy aren’t done, Missy! We calmed her down with help from the following:
1. Crayons. The nice employee there gave her a tin of them so she could write on the table.
2. A penny. She found it on the floor. Once she asked the employees if she could have it, it amused her to no end. Until she slipped it into a fan and it was gone forever.
3. Up: the Movie. There was a beautiful life-sized advertisement for the movie hanging from the ceiling. “May 29th” was her shriek of joy when she say the “old man movie” ad.
4. Figurines. Against my better judgement, I let her walk back and forth around the figurines that were available for purchase. I was so afraid she was going to knock something down: “You break it, you buy it!”. Fortunately, she didn’t touch.
And, here goes the final products. Can’t wait to go again. 🙂


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