September 24th, 2009

I need a little help with something. Please help me figure out how Stephen & I should celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. As always, Stephen is the “go with the flow” type and will be happy to celebrate whichever way. I, however, have so much stuff buzzing around in my head right now. What to do?

1. Take a romantic, no child weekend getaway to Palm Springs– the place where we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. We had a great time that year. We soaked up the sun and hit the outlets. It would be nice to get away by ourselves for a few days.

2. A family fun-filled weekend trip to San Diego. I have been wanting to get on a train recently. We have never taken an Amtrak ride and this would be the perfect opportunity. The Zoo, Gaslamp District and Balboa Park would be the most likely destinations.

3. How about a dinner party celebration with friends and family (20-25 people?). Being that it is our 5th wedding anniversary, wouldn’t a bash be in order? I mean, the most important anniversaries are multiples of 5, right? Joking!

4. Do what we do every year, have a fancy dinner and exchange fun gifts based on whatever is on the anniversary gift list. This year? Wood & Silverware.

Alright. Happy Voting!


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