For the first time ever, Lara & I stopped by the new (it’s new to us!) Tinkerbell photo opportunity at Disneyland, Pixie Hollow. Usually, I try to avoid standing in lines to take photos. It just seems like such a waste of valuable Disney time. We could be getting on rides or taking the train through the Grand Canyon (our current favorite ride). But, being that we are still juicing the annual pass, we are exploring Disney like we never have before. We eat somewhere different each time and investigate more and more. Of course, it totally helps that Lara is such a good companion and trusts my every decision. I’m not exactly excited about letting her plan an outing. Control Freak!

She really bonded with Tinkerbell:

And, the “other fairy”.

That crown? She picked it out herself and wanted me to buy it for her. I kind of liked it. Because it’s way better than her wanting me to pay $50 (NO JOKE) for this:

Because there’s NO WAY I would let her do that. No way. Even if she cried.

I did allow her to have her 3rd or 4th lollipop of her lifetime. I don’t purposely deprive her of candy. We’re just rarely around candy or sweets.

She also mustered up all of her bravery to take this picture with Goofy. She was a bit hesitant. She even walked backwards towards him. LOL. You can totally see the tension in her smile.

Best part of the night: I love Disneyland shopping. A lot. When I asked Stephen what I should buy her, he suggested we buy her another princess jammie. My aunt bought her a “Cinderella dress” (that’s what she calls it. A dress. It is actually a p.j. gown. But, if I call it a jammie, she promptly corrects me: “This is not a jammie. This is a DRESS”) from the Disney Store a few months ago. It was $10 and Lara wishes she could wear it every night. I, of course, do not wash loads of laundry every day so, she gets to wear her dress about once a week. Buying another jammie was a great idea. So, I’m looking through the Main Street stores when I finally find it. And, it’s not $10. It’s $40. Because, I am at Disneyland and Minnie Mouse sewed the dress herself. Not like The Disney Store at the mall where the clothes are made at normal sweat shops. But, I couldn’t resist. It was a lot fancier and frillier than the 1st dress. And, Lara put it on in the car before we started our 45 minute drive home. When she showed Daddy her dress, the first thing she said was: “Daddy, do you want to take a picture with me?”

And, he did.


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