The Last Dance

Dancing season is over. And, I don’t think I’ll be taking Lara back for the next session. As much as she loves it and still asks about going to dance class almost daily, I just can’t. The reason is that the teacher is c-c-c-c-c-crazy. Here’s an example:

A father was encouraging his daughter to stand in line by herself. The little girl got fussy and started crying. The Dad walked away and left her there. I don’t think that’s a big deal. There’s nothing wrong with letting your toddler cry. Especially when it’s an obvious tantrum. But, Miss Claire told the Dad: “I think your daughter needs a hug”. Huh? Who’s the parent and who’s the teacher? I wish I could tell the story better, but I wasn’t there (unfortunately). It was Stephen’s day for ballet. There were a lot of scenarios similar this. Thankfully, they were never directed towards us (I tend to bite back). Still, it was uncomfortable.

Last day of Dance Class-Spring:

Waiting patiently:

With Miss {Crazy} Claire:

: ) :

“What, Mommy, What?”

And, here are a few pics of her dance recital:
Lara’s “sister”, Julia, was there:
Dorothy! :

With her “ballerina friends”:
Nina came to watch (and, bought her a nice book):
We celebrated afterwards at Tokyo Wako. The “fire” restaurant. It was totally her idea to stomp on the cat:
“Take a picture of me with the kitty” :


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