Daddy Day.

Father’s Day was great. 😉 I got the weekend off and was able to celebrate with Lara and Stephen all weekend long. We had a great time at the beach on Saturday. As always, I enjoy Stephen & Lara so much. I don’t get tired of thanking God for my beautiful family and the way we are truly blessed by everything we have. I have everything that I could ever have hoped for. Stephen is a wonderful Dad and Husband. Lara is SUCH a doll. I love her more than I can express and she daily astounds us with how self-posessed and intelligent she is. I’m trying hard to soak up every moment I get to spend with her. Before I know it, she will be starting 1st grade and I will basically be handing her over school system (gulp!). I’m trying to teach her all the important things before she turns 6! Now that I say that, I read somewhere that our personalities and traits are established by age 7. That’s pretty young, huh?

Anywho, here goes Father’s Day. We took my Daddy out to lunch at Pei Wei.

This is me being entranced by whatever my Mom/Dad were saying:

With her Abuelito! I LOVE seeing Lara with my Dad. The best part is that Lara never hesitates to love and shows it. Her smiles are endless:

Unfortunately, my Brother is a punk and didn’t want to come with us. Sigh. This would have been a nice family picture:

Just when I think I’m adopted, I look at a picture of my Dad and know that it’s definitely a DNA match. 😉


I’m so sorry that I don’t take pictures of you two and you’re forced to whip up some “do-it-yourself” shots. Not bad, not bad!

I love that she loves to be girly. Starting with her hair accessories. This ladybug headband is hawt.

Ready, Set, GO!

With her BFF Elias. She really loves him. He is the best babysitter ever. And, the cheapest, too.

Stephen came over and said: “You need to see how Lara eats hot dogs”. Hot Dogs aren’t exactly a meal of choice in our household so, this Hot Dog was considered a treat. She eats it from the top! LOL.

Ketchup face.

Cookie time with her cousins.
Lounging. I just realized there is a pic of me sitting in the exact same position when I was about 7. I was eating ham, though. I will look for it and share. : )

Woah, it felt good to come back from my blogging hiatus. I promise to have a lot more posts in the near future.
Upcoming Events:
I work on 4th of July so, please don’t ask me what I’m going to be doing that weekend. I don’t need a bad reminder. 🙂 Lara starts Summer School in July. This will be her first introduction to a classroom setting and the difference between learning “one on one” and in a group. Exciting! Harry Potter on July 15th! My local theatre has an 0830am showtime- trying to get Stephen to take the morning off of work. We have tickets to Spamalot in a few weeks. 🙂
Happy Birthday to:
Julisa, Kailene, Rachel, Jorgie, Veronica, Elias and Brother! (July is a busy month).


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