Wow. We went to see The Proposal last week (cute, funny, Ryan Reynolds—-WOW!) and the previews totally knocked my socks off! I have been waiting for The Time Traveler’s Wife to come out on film since Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston bought the rights shortly after the book was released to critical acclaim. There was a tentative release date of Christmas 2009, but it was postponed. 😦 Finally, August 14th!
YOU should read it before you see the movie. Will not disappoint.

And, Lara can spot the Harry Potter ads a mile away. Unfortunately, she won’t be seeing the newest installment. It’s so dark and fantastic and adults/mature teens only. She’ll have to stick to the Harry Potter she knows:


Lara WILL be able to see Ponyo. It looks FANTASTIC. I wish that movies like this were more common. Sure beats those dang Disney Princess flicks:

Meryl Streep & Amy Adams. Need I say more?

This obsession with movies is related to my change of shift coming up in August. I will be available weekend evenings and will use that time to enjoy the new releases. Yay for ME!


3 thoughts on “…movies…

  1. omg…i got a invitation to watch the time traveler's wife a few months ago…but couldn't go 😦 i should of forwarded it to you.

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