Lara has always had a spark. A big one. She has 1 million and one facial expressions, a twinkle in her eye and her face could totally launch 1,000 ships. I took her to The Picture People and she had an audience as she posed for her photo shoot. A few of the results:

I had a few (read: A LOT) of coupons/discounts and ended up paying $10 for 3 sheets of photos and a frame. Yay for good deals!

We are also three months away from her 3rd birthday. : )

And, on a side note, she’s potty trained! She starts Summer school next week (aaaargh!) and we wanted to potty train her before the 1st day. I was so hesitant and wanted to make sure it was the right time and she was ready for it. We have had 72 accident free hours and I think we are clear. 🙂 I’m glad Stephen & I got to do it instead of letting the school do it in September (when she starts the regular schoolyear).

The cutest thing is how proud she is of herself. She giggles up a storm when she’s making “the noise”. She gives me a snobby, “NO“, if I ask her if she has to go to the bathroom. And, next thing I know, she’s in there by herself and does her business without any pushing or prodding on our part. Then she runs over to me and asks for help with washing her hands.

Big girl stuff.

We’re NOT in Kansas anymore…sigh.


3 thoughts on “Smile!

  1. DP I'm so excited that she is potty trained, didnt take her long at all. Her pics are too cute but then again, she's always cute;)Boss

  2. She's so photogenic . . .a natural!I could only wish Isaac would stay still for a picture. Congrats on the potty training . . .YAY Lara!

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