My 10 Year High School Reunion

As of last month, it has been 10 years since I graduated from high school. I swear it feels like just yesterday. In honor of that, a few of the chicks I hung out with started a Wednesday Night Happy Hour Food in the City Weekly Reunion. Being that I am a huge flake (and don’t want to miss out on any Stephen/Lara time), I missed the first 2 weeks. This week, however, I knew I had to go. Three strikes you’re out, right?

I was hoping it wouldn’t be awkward and I would have something in common with these girls I haven’t spent any time with since I was teen. Yay for reconnecting and finding that some people never change (and, I say that in a good way).

Here we are after a pitcher of sangria. Delicious, thirst quenching sangria that was so, so delicious, it caused Reyna to HAVE to drive me and my car home. Because she is so nice.

Me, Reyna, Raquel, Monica & Leslie:

Monica & I:

Ten year ago, we were all the best of friends. Leslie and I would hang out at gas stations. Just kidding. We took trips to Ensenada for Memorial Day weekend. Yay! This was taken by Stephen, on our way home.

Not only were we great friends, we were SO cool. So cool that we would take pictures before Prom in a rented convertible. With the top down! Look at Stephen pimping Raquel and me.
In order to protect the girls who were not at our get together, I used a little Picnik to place some love on their faces. And, to point out that I had $100 worth of hair on. Classy!

I had a great time and can’t wait to do it again. Just don’t get mad if I can’t make it every week. 🙂

One thought on “My 10 Year High School Reunion

  1. how funny, and small pasadena is!! reyna is the best!!! i'm glad you took a step away from being a flake, dont get me wrong, there's a flake in ALL of us!!! 🙂

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