You should read more. :)

You know how parents sometimes have a predisposed idea of what their children should be? Planning their future out even before they leave the womb? I try to avoid that. I don’t even like the idea of saving for Lara’s college education. She doesn’t have to go to college if she doesn’t want to. I try not to imagine being a grandmother because she may not want to have kids. I just want to enjoy her NOW and bask in the gift of motherhood.

I am, however, guilty of forcing one of my favorite things on little Lara. Reading. I love, love, love to read. And, nothing would make me happier than Lara growing up with that same love for books. I hope she doesn’t hold that against me. 🙂


2 thoughts on “You should read more. :)

  1. Wish I/we were more like you… We already have these kids' arranged marriages set up… Reading is very very very important. Kuddos for getting Lara started on this early.

  2. lara is too cute…i'm sure she'll love to read and be just as smart (or maybe smarter, that may be too smart…does that make sense?) than her mommy 🙂

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