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Waiting…, originally uploaded by deeahnah.

Hello, all!

Here is a pic of my brave little girl right before her stitches were removed by the fabulous Dr. Cox. She is doing great, thanks for asking.

It has been a very productive week. Having 3 hours a day to myself while Lara is at school is amazing. I have been getting so much done. The house has never been cleaner, I finished reading a great book and there was plenty of time in between for shopping.

The best part?
The joy on her face when I walk into the classroom to pick her up. She is ready with 101 stories about all of the fun stuff she did. 🙂

Stephen is in top form this week and has been cooking us DELICIOUS dinners when he gets home from work. I must say that Rick Bayless is a genius. And, Fresh & Easy is the coolest store EVER.

All of this homecooking has really turned us into homebodies. That’s okay. I figure it will help us conserve our energy for the very busy months ahead.

I hope to post lots and lots of pics of all kinds of fun stuff next week. Yay!


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