Happy (early) Birthday to me!!!

My 28th (Thank You, Jesus) birthday isn't until Friday. But, since we will be out of town on vacation (and away from this ghastly smoke), my celebration was last night. It was wonderful! I got a chance to catch up on my BFF's stories. Especially, Rosana, who for some reason has failed to embrace technology and does not have a Facebook/E-mail/Twitter account where she can broadcast her life as it's happening.

Stephen made a delicious, colorful cake that I spotted on one of my favorite blogs a few months ago (links later). This was the trial cake for Lara's birthday cake. My mom cooked me my 2 favorite dishes: chilaquiles and tortas de papa. : P

Best of all, my friends bought me fantastic gifts! It's the first day of school ***BTW, I looove the first day of school! It's so exciting! I hope I have one of these every year of my life!*** and I'm wearing my new favorite outfit:

Nine West sandals from my BFF Jackie


Gap dress from my SIL Sandra

Thank you, Everyone, for coming to my small, hot house to celebrate my birthday. I love you all very much. : )

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5 thoughts on “Happy (early) Birthday to me!!!

  1. Happy belated birthday!!!! Don't feel bad, I actually am a quitter and haven't even looked at my blog in months! Even worse I forgot my twitter password and haven't even cared to email them for it! You're doing great girl, keep it up 🙂

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