What’s in a Name?

When I named my first blog, I instinctualy named it after myself (vanity!).  Deeahnah is more (or less?) the way my name should be pronounced in Spanish.  The English way is Dayana.  Ewww, I don’t really like that.

This second time around, the possibilities are limitless!  My source, of course, is Lara and her mastering of language.  2 years ago, Lara was stumbling around words and figuring her voice out.  Now?  She has diarrhea of the mouth.  In a good way, of course.  I definitely knew that my blog name/URL would be one of the jazzy things Lara spews out at us at about a 100 words per minute.

And, Yellow is my Favorite was born.

At home, Lara spends time taking tabs of our likes/dislikes.

“Project Runway DVDs are Daddy’s favorite”

“Annie is my favorite”

“Mommy likes Starbucks”

Most of the time, she’s pretty accurate.  Other times, however, I’m not sure what her sources are.

“I like Sleeping Beauty, Daddy likes Cinderella and Mommy likes Snow White”

Sometime last month, I had enough of the lies.

“My favorite color is Pink, Daddy’s favorite color is Green and Mommy’s favorite color is Yellow”

“No, Bear.  My favorite color is NOT Yellow.  It is Blue”

“No, it’s NOT”

So, every few days, we have this conversation and I’m beginning to think that maybe my favorite color IS Yellow.  All those years I claimed Blue represented me, I was lying to the world and to myself.  She has convinced me.

In honor of that, I have named this blog.  And to celebrate the new blog, I bought this purse:Joe'sJeans Purse


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