D.C.: Day One

Where did I leave off?  I’m not too sure.  I’m just going to start off recapping our wonderful Washington D.C. family vacation.  It was awesome.  I think it may have been my favorite vacation of all time. 

We took the red-eye and arrived at Dulles around 8 am.  I had the whole trip planned out and we were so excited to explore Georgetown on the first day.

We had lunch at 5 Guys.  This has to be my favorite burger of ALL time.  I didn’t really care for the fries, though.  I prefer good ol’ In N Out.  Or Oinkster.  I’m hungry all of a sudden.   🙂

5 Guys!

I could cry right now with the thought that there isn’t a 5 Guys burger joint around the corner. I finished up the trip by buying a cheeseburger at the airport and taking it with me on the plane ride back home. Delicious!


And, keep in mind while you look at these pics that we were on a plane all night.  We were pretty much working on 3-4 hours of sleep.  I’m not looking my bestest. Somehow, Lara and Stephen manage to look fabulous. It’s something in their DNA, I think.

We walked and walked and walked all around beautiful Georgetown. It was hard for me to concentrate because I was imagining winning the lottery and buying myself an ADORABLE piece of property in Georgetown. The homes there are AMAZING. It was such a peaceful stroll and I could have dont it all day. We walked all the way north to Lover’s Lane. It’s nothing but a dirt road, but doesn’t it sound cute. ❤

Perfect time for some Father/Daughter pics. : )

At Rock Creek Park

We went over to Montrose Park. We had to stop and let Lara stretch her legs and let out some of that toddler angst.

Nothing like a park bench to soothe one’s sore feets. Also, this is our first major vacation with Potty Trained Lara. Lets just say that Diaper Wearing Lara didn’t require so many pit stops. 🙂


Is there any place more fun than the park? Nope. 🙂

Family shot...wish my arm was longer.

This park was also the PERFECT spot for a music video. Enjoy some Michelle Ma’ Bell…

After our Georgetown Discovery Walk, we stomped over to Trader Joe’s. Our hotel room had a little kitchen and we were planning on saving some $ by buying a few groceries.

An apple a day.

We took the Metro from our hotel to Union Station.  Our first DC Metro ride was awesome. It totally blows me away that we were able to get to all of the major city attractions without a vehicle. Why can’t Los Angeles be that simple? The DC trains were way cleaner than the NYC ones. And, our Metro stop was across the street from our hotel, under a hospital. A hospital with a 24 hour Starbucks in it. Hallelujah! The evening plan consisted of taking the Wasington D.C. By Night Tourmobile.
Nap in the Tourmobile

This was a great idea. We were driven to all the major monuments and enjoyed them all lit up and pretty. The only thing we could have done without was our tour guide. He was funny and filled with so much fun trivia. But, he was also an aspiring actor who cried not ONCE, but TWICE during the tour.  Wowzers.  He was actressing at the World War II Memorial and sobbed while re-telling the Pearl Harbor story. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a pretty sad piece of American history. But, I’m not sobbing as I type this.

She woke up at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and we took the opportunity to feed her dinner that we bought at Union Station before we took off on our bus ride.

Stephen had to take over. Because I’m messy.

Dinner in front of the Jefferson Monument

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial was huge and beautiful and gave us such a nice view of the city.

Next was the FDR Memorial. Honestly, I didn’t know this place existed. It ended up being my favorite memorial. It was a beautiful representation of everything FDR did for this country. The country was in shambles and he was able to pick it up from near defeat. Inspiring. And, now Lara knows who FDR is.


The next stop was a choice between the Vietnam War Memorial and the Korean War Memorial. We choose the Korean War because it has a special meaning to our family. Stephen’s Papa, his Mom’s Dad, served in the Korean War.

The Marquez Family is Mexican born and I am the first-born American in my family. I have no personal ties to U.S. History and sometimes that’s kind of a downer. Papa, however, is my link to the kind of pride that comes with risking ones life for the masses. Servicemen go to war so that I don’t have to. Thank you SO much.

Thank You, Papa, for everything.

The final stop was the Lincoln Memorial. It’s larger and more breathtaking than you can imagine. All those pictures you see in magazines don’t do it justice. That’s what I learned from my DC trip. It’s so easy to see things on television or on the Internet and feel as thought you have experienced them or know a bit about what it’s about. That’s not real. Real is standing in the place where a man spoke to millions…


Somebody wasn’t digging the time change. 🙂

She was NOT loving Abe.

And that, ladies and gents, was our first day in our Nation’s Capitol. We got “home” tired and happy.

And, here is a great pic of all the “supplies” that we brought on our vacay.

toilettries.  a lot of them.


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