D.C.: Day Two

The second day in D.C. was EXTRA special because it was my 28th birthday.  Yay for me!  I looooved being on vacation on my birthday!  We woke up very, very late because the time change was kicking our butt.  It was time to explore the area north of the National Mall.

Lara was gifted with a bunch of balloons because she is so beautiful.  ❤


My favorite part of this day was visiting the National Archives.  No, it wasn’t because I got to see the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights and all of that other stuff.  It was because their gift shop was AMAZING.  It had the coolest things!  If you got a souvenir from D.C., we bought it at this store.

We visited the National Gallery of Art and, thankfully, there was a map that showed all of the “must-see” pieces.  One of them was the only Leonardo Da Vinci portrait in the Western Hemisphere.

Ginevra de' Benci

V.G. loved self-portraits, didn’t he?

self portrait
We walked a bit northwest of there and came across 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

The White House
Isn’t this just the quintessential “Family Vacation in D.C.” photo?  I LOVE it!  Happy times.

American Family
The White House

What a tourist!  Love it. 🙂 

**side note**  Do you notice that he’s wearing a Max, Where the Wild Things Are t-shirt?  Well, he is.  Because we are fans of the book and Lara enjoys it.  The movie, however, was comme ci comme ça.  It was filled with a lot of unmerited rage and sadness.  Honestly, childhood and life really isn’t THAT bad.   

Because we really enjoyed the Julie & Julia movie, we also enjoyed checking out Julia Child’s kitchen at the Museum of American History.

Julia's Kitchen

This museum had all kind of great memorabilia.  We LOVE history!

Hula Girl

Next up was the Natural History Museum, which is also on the northernmost part of the Mall.  Here’s a pic of me and my ancestor.

In front of the Natural History Museum

The Hope Diamond wasn’t very impressive.  I’m not really a jewelry kind of girl.

Hope Diamond

I did like this tiara, however.  🙂


Comparing themselves to the average height back in A.D.  Look at how tall Stephen is!  🙂


We were shaking and shaking the IPhone at about 8pm, looking for a restaurant to celebrate my birthday dinner.  We ended up at a restaurant we have visited on almost every vacation:  Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.  It felt only a little silly to eat at a place that has a location in our city.  But, the moment I bit into my Potatoes Au Gratin while Stephen tasted his Sweet Potatoes, we knew we made the right choice. 

Birthday Dessert

All she needs is a wind machine and this is totally a model pic.

"I'm just fixing my hair"

Cute!  I love it when her hair is crinkled!


She looks wise beyond her years here.  Spooky!

Grown Up.

And, the best souvenir we could have ever hoped to find for her:  Ruby Red Slippers!  The Museum of American History had the original slippers on display.  And, yay for us, they also had shoes for sale in the gift shop.  : )

Ruby Red Slippers


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