D.C.: Day Four

It was Sunday and time to make a big decision.

Before we got to D.C., we talked about how awesome it would be to spend a day in NYC.  If we had extra time, taking a day trip to New York was totally possible.  The only draw back was the $$ and the travel time.  Each night we were in DC, we would debate about it and look at the Amtrak website over and over again.  We finally decided that if we didn’t get ourselves to Manhattan, we would regret it.  We loved NYC SO much when we went last year.  We were so close and could not let the opportunity pass up!  And, it was SO worth it.



Our train left Union Station at 0600.  Early!  It was my first time on a train so I was BEYOND excited.  It was no different from a bus ride, but I still felt so cool.  Unfortunately, I could not stay up to enjoy the scenery.  It was just too early for me. ;(  Lara enjoyed flipping through the mag.


We arrived at Penn Station around 9am.  And, we didn’t have a map!  We bought one and started roaming the streets and looking for a place to have breakfast.

Lara has a small meltdown during breakfast.


Our goal was to do a few things that we didn’t do last year.  On the top of our list was visiting the Natural History Museum.  Lara enjoyed it!



Afterwards, we walked through a little flea market and stopped by Starbucks.  Yay for Starbucks being EVERYWHERE.  Then, we went to CENTRAL PARK.  I LOVE it there.  Love, love, love.  I could live there.  We walked around and enjoyed everything.  We let Lara play and get very, very wet.  We had a celebrity sighting: Gavin & Kingston & their Nanny.  I wish Gwen would have been with them.


DSC_0497DSC_0503DSC_0513DSC_0515DSC_0523soaking wetDSC_0525lovely

We power walked to the 5th avenue Gap to visit Michael, Stephen’s cousin.  We went to a delicious Italian restaurant he recommended.  Then, we ended up somewhere we didn’t know existed.  The middle of the Annual Brazilian Festival.  Block after block of food and goodies and yellow & green jerseys.

Somewhere in there, Lara had Meltdown #2.

boo hoo


We spent the rest of the night in Times Square.  There was other place to hang out until our 11pm train ride back, LOL.  It was great!    We camped out on the new seating areas they have posted in the middle of the chaos.  On the walk back to the train, we stopped by Lush at Herald Square and bought some goodies.  Hehe.Times Square


And, that was DC!  We took the train back and got back to the hotel some time in the morning.  We spent Monday buying souvenirs before taking the shuttle to Dulles.


D.C., The Parra Family loves you.  Thank you for being so hospitable.  We hope to be back soon.  ❤


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