Bye-Bye October

October just came and went, didn’t it?  If it wasn’t for Lara’s Birthday, I would rather have skipped October.  It’s not my favorite month and I don’t really understand Halloween.  I was never a fan of dressing up and I don’t like candy.  You can call me Debbie Downer if you want.  Or, you can call me Diana.  I answer to both.


We still took Lara to do all that weird Halloween stuff.  This is her at the Pumpkin Patch:     


Her school had a Pumpkin Parade to celebrate the season.  Stephen and I took the morning off from work to check her out.

They decorated the school with art work.  This is Lara showing us that she knows that red and yellow make orange.



“Lara is #1!”


She walked out of her classroom and everything looked good.  She was smiling and looking around.  I think only Stephen and I can tell by the next 2 photos that things were going to go sour.  See the hesitation?



And, suddenly, she wanted nothing to do with the parade.  She was crying and wanted “Mama” or “Papi”.  I ended up walking around the parade “route” with her.  It was pretty funny being “That Mom”.  The one that had to be in the parade to comfort her Dorothy. 

Thankfully, Cinderella’s classroom was right behind Lara’s.  Lara was okay holding Cinderella’s hand so that I could line up with the rest of the parents.  Yay for us all!


After the parade, the kids sang a little song with their class.  Lara refused so, we had a family photo shoot instead. 🙂 This might be my favorite pic ever.  Can you just smell the HAPPY? 🙂



After the parade there was a party in her classroom.  The End.


Lara was very fortunate to get TWO Cinderella costumes for her birthday.  Thank you Nani & Ximena.  She alternates between them and loves to play dress up with them daily.  Stephen did a photo shoot and captured 50 of the most beautiful photos ever.   Here goes 1 of them:



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