The Week

The BIG news this week is that Stephen has given me permission to put the Christmas tree up.  Some of you may think I’m crazy.  But, crazy would be leaving the tree up year-round.  And, don’t think that hasn’t crossed my mind.  I absolutely LOVE the holidays.  Way more than your average girl.  I remember being a little girl and finding SO MUCH joy in everything Christmas.  Advent Calendars, Christmas Tree Lane, The Balian Mansion, PRESENTS.  I remember being anxious about not having a job (I must have been about 9 years old) and not being able to buy anyone anything.  I would make Christmas Cards and offer to give neighbors my old (slightly worn!?) toys.  I couldn’t wait to be old enough to buy people things.  I LOVE gifting. 


This Christmas LOVE only grew when I met Stephen.  He is the most thoughtful gift giver and LOVES to give almost as much as I do.  Then, Lara came in the mix.  How much more fun is all of this when looking through her eyes?! 


I bought the first Christmas gift this week!  It is beautiful and the receiver is going to LOOOOVE it.  And, this is why I am ready to burst sometime around December 20th.  I have to keep so many secrets for longer than humanly possible.




Lara got a new pair of shoes.  She needed something to wear every day that was easy to transition between casual and dressy.  This did the trick.



On Wednesday, Stephen and I went to the theatre.  Yay for the Mark Taper!  Stephen had the day off from school and I took advantage by buying us some Hot Tickets ($20 for AWESOME seats).  The musical was AMAZING.  The story was heart-wrenching and, even more powerful, was that it was based on a true story.  T.R. Knight was wonderful as the male lead.  As always, we were scouting for a celebrity sitting.  BAM!  Camryn Manheim sitting in the 3rd row.


We left Lara is GOOD hands.  Thank You, Nana, for agreeing to watch her during your work week.  And, Thank You, Julisa, for comforting Lara when she does the “Don’t Leave Me” charade.


Sometime last month, Stephen dressed us and combed our hair.  We turned out okay, huh?  ❤



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