Draw It Down


Lara has been very focused lately when it comes to drawing and writing.  She likes to draw hearts and tells us:

“Hearts make me happy because they mean love”

She likes to scribble her papers with the letter, “L”.  And, the majority of the time, she is drawing US.  Here goes a family portrait:



My favorite is when we ask her what she’s drawing:

“This is your chin.  These are your hands.  This is your neck.  You are happy.  Mommy!  You are upside-down!  Daddy is big.”  

I don’t like drawing and I was always envious of those that were able to transfer onto paper what was in their minds.  Or, duplicate a scene and preserve it.  I guess writing is something like that.  But, my stick figures and same old girly shapes get old.  Maybe I will take a drawing class. 

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf was giving away free 12oz Holiday Drinks on Friday.  I inhaled my Blended Peppermint Mocha.  Is it Christmas yet?  Can I tell you what I bought you for Christmas?  I will just give you a hint, then.  🙂


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