The Rickster

Last week, I threatened to give Ricky a 30 day notice to vacate if he didn’t shape up.  I was tired of cleaning up his “accidents”.  I may have spoken in haste because after what happened on Saturday night, I’m actually happy to clean up Ricky’s poop this morning.

Saturday night, I got off of work at 7:30pm (instead of 8:00pm).  The reason being, I was going to a FABULOUS Christmas party.  Yay!  After work, I rushed home to get dressed and pick up the pies that Stephen made for me to take to the p-a-r-t-y.  As I walked up to the front door, Lara was waiting to greet me:
“Hi, Mommy!  You’re back from work!  Come in!  I love you!”

So sweet.  As I step over the threshold, I almost fall backwards with the pungent smell of blood coming from the back of the house.  I ask Lara were Daddy is…

“He is in the bathroom giving Ricky a bath.  He is very sick and has a lot of blood.  But, he’s all better now”.

I get to the bathroom and there is blood EVERYWHERE.  I honestly felt faint and couldn’t believe that the copper smell could be so concentrated.  How the heck do Doctors/Nurses do it?!?  Stephen tells me the story as he rinsed the final suds off of Ricky’s back.  Who, BTW, looked perfectly fine as he enjoyed his bath.

The Story:

Stephen took Ricky a bath Saturday morning.  After his bath, he trimmed his nails.  He trimmed one of them a bit too short.  Stephen placed a dab of styptic powder in the nick and Ricky was good to go.  A bit after that, Stephen and Lara had to go to church for the Christmas play rehearsal (Stephen is directing it…YAY!).  Instead of putting Ricky in his crate, he left him in the bathroom.  He figured it would be better for him since the crate gets him all agitated sometimes and that wasn’t a good idea with the injury.  Great idea, right?  Well, I guess Ricky is agitated regardless of his surroundings.

When Stephen and Lara got home, they opened the bathroom door and found blood everywhere.  It was totally like a crime scene in there.  I guess he was messing with his paw while he was in there and it opened up even more.  Stephen said that it appeared as though he lost a lot of blood, but the nick coagulated again when the powder was put on it.  He apppeared fine after his bath. 

After the shock of it all, I just couldn’t leave them.  It felt so weird to go to a party when there was a family emergency.   I took Lara to go pick up dinner while  Stephen stayed home and cleaned up the bathroom. 

Ricky’s great, thank God.  He hasn’t been left alone since then and is probably a bit shaken up by what happened.  I noticed that he was laying right next to Stephen, under the covers, all night.  He usually sleeps at the foot of the bed.  It gives him easy access to jump off at 2am and cause all kinds of disasters that we find in the morning.

I’m glad Ricky’s okay and I’m happy he is our dog.  ❤



One thought on “The Rickster

  1. I took dog grooming in high school and cutting the nail too short was always my biggest fear. My teacher didn’t help either by telling us that the dog could bleed to death because a main artery runs through the nails or something like that. Glad to hear that Ricky is doing better!

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