About a month ago, we were rear-ended by some fool who was not paying any attention to the little silver car in front of him.  Immediately after that incident, Lara and I hopped on over to Target to buy her a new car seat.  It was perfect timing, too- Stephen and I were just talking about whether we should upgrade Lara’s convertible car seat.  At 3.5 ft and 40+ lbs, she was spilling out of that thing.  This is Lara in her car seat, back when she actually fit in it (almost 1 year ago):

Shopping for a new car seat meant compromise.  Lara wanted one that was her “Favorite color…PINK”.  I wanted one that was going to keep her as safe as the Britax did.  We were both pleased to find one that was pink AND had lights to let her “read” and “play with dollys” and all the other stuff little girls do in the backseat when they go on trips.  All in all, I think we made a good choice:

It even has cup holders!  And, to further stress how much Lara LOVES pink, here goes the car seat Lara was leaning towards:

I just couldn’t bring myself to buy that.  I was afraid the ugly would distract me while merging and cause me to run into an apartment building (like that hasn’t happened before).  It has little “boom boxes” printed all over it.  Aren’t those obsolete?  What year was this seat manufactured?  1988?!

After we installed it, we hauled the Britax into the house and Ramona the Cat used it to take cat naps. 

Cut to last Wednesday when I was making a 6 shopping bag drop off trip to the Salvation Army.  I was getting tired of seeing the old car seat in the living room so, I put it in the car and tried to dump it in the hands of the Salvation Army peeps.  They weren’t having it.  Well, duh!  Who wants a car seat that has been in an accident?  Can you say liability?  I took it back home and was too lazy to walk it to the porch.  Instead, I left it there (thanks, Google Maps):


Right there.  Next to the passenger side door, where I have placed a beautifully wrapped present.  Not on the curb where unwanted things go and not on the sidewalk where it would create a hazard to pedestrians.  I left it in my driveway while I called/researched/browsed a place where I could take it to get recycled.  But, guess what?  By the time I remembered I had left it outside (read: 3 hours later), IT WAS GONE!  I done got jacked for my un-usable car seat. 

You would think I would be happy that some criminal took it off of my hands, right?


#1  Some poor kid out there is riding around in an unstable, unsafe car seat.  Sad.

#2  Is my neighborhood that bad? 

#3  Did some career criminal really think that I would leave a $200 car seat in my driveway for him/her to snatch up? 



One thought on “484A

  1. In my neighborhood they will take the things in less than five minutes ( they once took a broken dresser, to make matters worse it was my neighbors and they have the dresser with two drawers missing in their living room lol!)

    I got the same car seat for my daughter too, she loves the lights she wants to have them on all the time, Now my youngest has a Britax in each car LOL!

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