“You’re nothing short of my everything”

(Quote by Ralph Block)

Our love story is a long one. It is made up of 100s of different stories, a puzzle that we finally put together and made us a couple. I want to document it all, write it down so that Lara knows the circumstances that brought us together. I’m also afraid that I will forget our stories – time is so tricky. Here are a few tidbits:

*I remember when I first saw Stephen’s photograph. His sister was showing off her older brother to us. A picture of a high school boy! Us middle school girls swooned at the thought. When I was asked what I thought of his photograph, I said the only thing a conceited 13 year old could say: “He’s alright. I would have to meet him to give a better assessment”. Of course, inside I was thinking: “Eeeeeek! He’s cute!”. But, I was taught never to show interest unless interest was shown first.

*I remember being on a date with a guy in my photography class. We went to see Titanic at a movie theatre a few cities away. As we were walking away from the box office, I noticed 2 people walking towards the theatre. I recognized one as an old friend from the high school I went to about 2 years earlier. I smiled and waved, Hello. I look at the guy next to him- it’s Stephen. The butterflies were aflutter and my immediate reaction was to look away and ignore him. Really nice, huh?

*It was a Friday night and I was at home, doing nothing. What did I do on Friday nights when I didn’t have a job and I was focused on getting high scores on those AP exams? I had a boyfriend that moved away and I was dumb enough to think that I could do the long distance thing. Isn’t it a rite of passage to give that a try once in your life? The phone rang and I wasn’t expecting anyone and I didn’t recognize the voice. It was Stephen. It went a little something like this:

Stephen: Hi. It’s Stephen.

Diana: Hi. How are you?

Stephen: Good, thanks! Are you busy?

Diana: How can I help you? [in the snottiest voice you can think of. But, keep in mind that I hadn’t spoken to him or heard from him in about 2 years]

Stephen: I was just wondering if you wanted to be my prom date.

Diana: !!!!!

Diana: Um, I don’t have a job so, I don’t really have any money to buy a dress or anything.

Stephen: It’s okay, I can pay for all of that. [Total Cinderella story, huh]

Diana: No! I can’t do that!

Stephen: I could help you get a job. You want to work at McDonald’s?

Diana: Uh, sure. I mean, I guess. [Mind you, at this point I thought I was the brunt of a joke or something evil like that]

Stephen: Great. Oh, BTW, you don’t have a boyfriend, do you?

Diana: Oh, No. I don’t. We broke up. [LIES!]

Stephen: Ok, cool. I can pick you up on Tuesday so we can look into the job thing…

That last little story was more than 10 years ago. Today, we talk about some of those times and laugh at how differently we each experienced things. The best part? The outcome:


3 thoughts on ““You’re nothing short of my everything”

  1. It’s funny how things work out . . . I don’t know how many times Nayaly, Keisha and I told Stephen just to go for it (meaning getting together with you) already, but something always got in the way. You guys are too cute!

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