Happy Birthday, Mom.

Valentine’s Day was my Mom’s 57th birthday.  57!  I had to do some math to figure it out because in my mind, she’s in her 40s.  I haven’t really grasped the fact that as I get older, so does she.  It would be so much cooler if I got to catch up to her one day.  🙂

As much as I huff and puff about my Mom and how much our personalities clash, I am very grateful that she is still around.  She watches Lara once a week while Stephen and I are at work.  Lara is always yelling out, “I just love my Grandma”, so she must be having a good time there. 

Every year I take her out to dinner before her actual birthday because I spend Love Day with my Love.  This year, we took her to afternoon tea.  I love me some extra milky English tea!  It was a great time and my Mom and I managed to spend the time together without bickering or criticising each other.  I was proud of us. 

The best part was that it was pouring outside and we had a little adventure getting back to the car.  Lara and I are used to walking in the rain and enjoy it.  My Mommy, however, was freaking out and acting as if it was acid pouring from the sky.  LOL.  We took shelter inside of Blick Art Supplies and I spent some $ in their fantastic sale aisle.  Pens for me, a glowing heart ring for Lara and a postcard for my Mom.

“Mommy, where are the biscuits?  Is the waitress bringing the biscuits?”

I can’t help but be utterly amazed when I see my Mom text.  She’s technologically savvy!

Awwww.  Her teacup covered her beautiful face.  :/

Drinking pink lemonade.  ❤


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