Consumers Beware

I have two little stories to remind y’all to be extra cautious.


So, I decided to replace my car key when Uncle Sam gave us back all that money he owed us in overpaid taxes. I drove over to Rusnak Arcadia and they were all serious about it, checking the VIN/registration and making sure that I was the owner of the car before they ordered my fancy key. Two business days and $260 later, I went to pick my key up. And, guess what? It did not work. It did not open the car and it did not turn the ignition. I was leery about the way it looked, too. It seemed to be an updated version of my old key. The Rusnak Parts Man assured me that it was the correct key and that this occurred in 1/100 cases. He advised me to take the key home and leave it in the ignition for 5 hours. This would jumpstart the computer in my car and make the connection with the new key. I did what I was told and it still did not work. I called to let them know that the key was BO and the Rusnak Parts Man who answered my call told me that the problem was with my car’s computer and that it would cost $500 to fix.

That’s when I said: HELL NO.

He was also kind enough to inform me that keys were non-refundable so, my only option was to replace my computer. That’s when I got all Area 2 on him and asked to speak to his superior. Needless to say, yesterday I picked up the NEW, CORRECT key that immediately started the Benzie and drove her all the way back home.

Excuse me while I write a letter to CEO Rusnak explaining why I will never be going back there again.  RIP.  OFF.


Lara was so, so sick last week. It was a terrible sight to behold. But, true to character, she remained as joyful and adorable as ever. I made an appointment at her Doctor’s Office and when we arrived, her regular Dr. Yim was not there. The practice is made up of 4 or 5 Fabulous Female Doctors in their 30s who all work part-time to spend time with their children, who all happen to be around Lara’s age. I love, love, love that. Every time I speak to a different Doctor, I feel completely understood and heard. This time, we were introduced to Dr JoAnne. She was captivated by Bear and had excellent bedside manner. I was in there for about 20 minutes, exchanging pre-school stories while the Doctor commented on Lara’s symptoms and her obvious intelligence. She went on to explain the dosage of the medicines she was prescribing. I clearly heard her explain that the oral suspension was to be administered ONCE a day.

Cut to me at Target, speaking to a pharmacists who was explaining the medications and advising me to give the suspension to My Bear TWICE a day. I asked him if he was sure and he showed me the prescription, which clearly said BID (which is the Latin RX term for twice a day). I’m not going to argue with the pharmacist so, I took her meds and left. Halfway to the car, I get a call from Dr JoAnne (who was probably called by the pharmacy).

“Did I write BID?  Because I meant, QD (fancy for once a day)

Really, Doctor?  Because I was about to drown Lara in this very powerful antibiotic because you got your Ps and Qs messed up!

Lesson of the Week:  We must always account for human error.  We all make mistakes, right?  Be on the look out.


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