Bra Troubles

I woke up to find my bra laid out, in the middle of the bed.  It was very neatly done, too.  It looked as if it was on display at Victoria’s Secret.  I found it odd, I definitely didn’t leave it there.  I grabbed it and took it to the bathroom with me, still a little groggy, and put the bra situation out of my mind….

…I stepped out of the shower and got a good look at it as I slipped it on. 

Chewed up/Falling apart/A little moist

I was trying to let my mind put the pieces of the puzzle together— what the heck happened to my BRA?!


It seems as though he found it somewhere (I think I left it on a chair in the living room.  Yup, my undergarments are just strewn around the house), dragged it around town and used it as a chew toy.  When he was done, he lay it out for me on my bedspread.  You know, just in case I was looking for it.

I had no choice but to put it on (EWWWW) and have been marinating in it for the last 12 hours.  Goodness, I have never needed a shower so badly!

I will be stopping by Victoria’s Secret tonight.  Good thing I have a $10 off coupon….  ❤


2 thoughts on “Bra Troubles

  1. Friend,

    I think its a dog thing. Scout lovesssssssssss my bras!
    I have to chase him around the house to get it back and sometimes, he’ll even hide under the bed so i cant get him.

    i’ve had to buy 2 new bras already. let him play with the old (non expensive ones) and put the good ones away 😉

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