Another Day, Another Shopping Trip

Lara and I went bra shopping this week, had to replace the one Rickster chewed up.  I must have been rushing through the purchase because when I got home, the bra didn’t fit.  At all.  I still made Stephen buckle me in and was stubborn enough to think that the bra would wear itself in.  The more Stephen said it didn’t fit me, the more I decided it was my favorite bra there ever was.  Eventually, I took a peek at the price tag and decided that for $45, it shouldn’t feel like a torture device.  That’s when I glanced at the size:


Now, you don’t have to know my actual bra size to know that I picked up the wrong size.  I will never, ever be a DD.  I don’t even think a plastic surgeon could make that kind of operation on me without checking my mental stability.

Needless to say, I went in for an exchange and am now wearing a bra, not attachable containers (you know, just in case I run out of space in my purse, I could have put my spare change in there).

On our original shopping trip, the girls at Kate Spade let Lara take a part of the display. Because she’s a doll.  🙂

And, we bought Lara a pair of sandals because the 85 degree weather was making her toesies sweat.  *Side Note: I don’t like the heat.  This weather is Bad News Bears for me.  My ideal temperature is an overcast 72 degrees.  Anything over 80 makes me want to scream.  Lara and Stephen, on the other hand, can’t stop raving about the beach weather.  2 against 1!**

The Facebook app on my IPod was BO for a whole day!  I was in hysterics and made Stephen fix it for me as soon as he walked in the door from work.  Never mind that this is his finals week and he has boatloads of studying to do.  A girl must have her Facebook.


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