Disney Time

We had an amazing time at Disneyland today. I am so grateful to Stephen for taking a vacation day- it was worth it. A few highlights:

The 3 of us are now annual passport holders! Woo hoo!

Princess Tiana is our favorite princess. Thankfully, Lara got to meet her and danced with her in the middle of New Orleans Square! A totally magical moment.

Lara is 40 inches tall and was able to get on Star Tours and the Toontown roller coaster (Thanks, Rebecca!). Next time, we will give the Matterhorn a try.

The Iced Mocha from the Carnation Cafe never gets old.

Lara got her face painted at the Princess Boutique. Also, a new nickname was born: Larafly (Thanks, Marly!).

Disneyland is, and forever will be, the happiest place on Earth. ❤


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