Sixth Grade


That’s me!  It was my last year in elementary school and I totally remember my thoughts on Picture Day:

  • I was sad because I was wearing my hair up in a ponytail.  My Mom still dictated my hairstyles and I could not wear my hair down to school.  Ever.  That’s probably why I wear my hair down every day now.  I showed her, huh?
  • I loved my dress! It was this early 90s, flower print that was probably bought at the Plaza Pasadena.  My favorite part was that it had a little shelf bra in it.  Being that I had NO need for a bra at that point in my life, I felt all grown up in it.
  • I was wearing white flats, similar to this:

I liked being 11 years old.   🙂


One thought on “Sixth Grade

  1. I loved the early 90’s!! or just the 90’s in general. i think i’d wear the outfits back then, now. especially the monochromatic ones 😛

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