I bought my Grandma a GIANT cookie for her 83rd birthday. I love her. That’s all I can really type without being really negative and laying out a whole bunch or really dirty laundry. And, I don’t want to mess up the beautiful cookie picture. Right thing to do, right?

Two and a half years ago, I wrote this about her on my old blog:

When my grandma was 26, she was raped and my mom was born (that’s why I am not into abortion. If my grandma would have gone that route–and it would have been considered “OK” because she was raped– I would not have been born!). My grandma dropped my mom off with her parents (typical Mexican thing to do) and my mom was raised by her grandma and grandpa. My grandma took off and went back to re-claim her when her parents died and my mom was in her late teens. They lived together until my mom was 26 and got married. My mom and dad came over to the U.S. and had my brother and I. My grandma has been living with my mom and dad for the last 10 years. She used to travel back and forth but, stopped when her arthritis got too bad and she could no longer travel. She never got married or had anymore children. She is also one bitter lady. She treats my mom like crap, has no respect for my dad, and pretty much runs the show there.

A lot of things have changed. Not the past, just the present. Her health has deteriorated, a lot, and very quickly. She isn’t “all there” anymore. She still runs the show (Ha!), but my Mom and Dad aren’t exactly innocent victims at this point. Point. What’s the point I’m trying to make?

That, I love my Grandma. I am a part of her, she is a part of me. Lara loves her with all her little heart. Lara prays for her. Lara sees little old ladies in wheelchairs and asks me why we don’t take my Grandma out on the town.

I’m working on it, Lara. Because age is nothing to be ashamed of and I love my Grandma.

Here is a picture of Lola 2.5 years ago:

I will post a current photo of her soon.

*Updated 05/29* Here is a current pic:


I’m trying to savor the time she has left. I’m trying to savor the time I have left. ā¤


2 thoughts on “Lola

  1. Ahh, great picture and story. Tell me, is she the one that called 9-1-1? That I will never forget;)
    Grandma’s are great! I loved my grandmother and love my grandma that is in her 80’s and still going strong!!!

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